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The relationship with the client to be cultivated over the years and with time

Founded in 1960 in Lugano as a credit institute specialised in Private Banking, Banca del Sempione SA is the hub of the Group and allows all clients who refer to it to access universal banking services.

The peculiarity of the Bank, whose roots are in the Swiss tradition based on quality and discretion, is to be found in its size: sufficiently large to guarantee cutting-edge services and international operations, but also concentrated and close to its own clients, to whom it can offer a personalised service through its head and branch offices in Lugano, Bellinzona, Chiasso and Locarno.

Thanks to this choice, the Bank combines its global vision with its ability to generate added value at a local level, preferring the quality of business relations to volumes. The main aims that guide the Bank are protection of investments and growth of its clients’ capital, to be achieved through three basic points: dialogue, operating speed and risk control. In fact, Banca del Sempione SA has always focused its attention on listening and understanding its own clients, because only through an open, transparent, constant discussion can truly customised solutions be reached for the different needs of each individual client.



Annual report 2022