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Thursday 4 May 2017

Simplon Bank overhauls its institutional image 

The Ticino banking group has overhauled its corporate identity and chosen as its institutional logo “man and the mountain”.

The Simplon Bank Group has overhauled its institutional image: the new guiding theme will be “man and the mountain”. The mountain has always been a goal to be conquered, an objective that brings together passion, commitment, technical preparation and expertise. The more challenging and difficult the ascent, the more fundamental the human element becomes, thus calling for an expert guide who can be relied on with complete security.


According to Simplon Bank's General Manager, Stefano Rogna, “If the mountain can be an easy metaphor for financial markets and the rigorous management of one’s own assets and savings, then the commitment shown by the Simplon Bank Group team seeks to represent that expert guide who can help clients make the right decisions along the way, working with dedication, professionalism and common sense”.


This is something which the Group excels at doing, also thanks to its size: large enough to ensure advanced services and an international presence, but also focused and close to its clients, to whom it is able to offer a bespoke personal service through its branches in Lugano, Bellinzona, Chiasso and Locarno.

Starting in May 2017, the Group’s new institutional image will be presented in an advertising campaign, including posters in branches of the Bank and a new website.

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