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Professional investment

Banca del Sempione Group offers a wide range of investment funds through Base Investments SICAV, an investment company with variable capital set up in Luxembourg on 29 May 2001.


Being organised according to the multi-manager, multiple sub-fund principle, Base Investments SICAV is therefore able to offer extremely diversified investment tools as well as high quality management services, by selecting the best professionals for each type of sub-fund.


Base Investments SICAV’s sub-funds include three main investment asset classes, i.e. equities, bonds and cash, and range from developed financial markets, like Europe and the US, to emerging and frontier markets.


The management policy of Base Investments SICAV’s sub-funds aims at preserving invested capital and increasing assets through management strategies diversified by risk profile and investment time horizon.


Increasingly difficult markets and extraordinary conditions, linked to central banks’ monetary policies,  have led us to create new tools,  unrelated from market performance, which set total return as the main goal for clients’ satisfaction, in periods where bonds are characterised by negative yields and shares by high volatility.