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A personalised and innovative service, always

The Banca del Sempione Group has developed over the years around the business of the Bank, founded in 1960, with progressive integration of new areas of expertise and new operating companies, aimed at satisfying all the main saving, investment and asset consultancy needs in the best possible way.


Today, the Group’s offer goes beyond Private Banking and embraces consultancy, financial brokerage services, investment fund management and fiscal and estate planning, also through innovative and personalised instruments.


Thanks to an operational model common to all the Group companies, this business diversification has produced a growing efficiency, recognisable in the competitive conditions at which our services are proposed and in the speed with which we respond to the needs expressed by our clients.


At the same time, the Group protects the principles of common sense, confidentiality and supervision which have always characterised the Swiss culture in managing the relationship and activities of our clients.


Annual report 2022